Create a personalised journal in your own unique style

Bullet journaling also referred to as Dot Journaling, Dot Grid and Dotted Matrix Journaling helps you track the past, organise the present, and plan for the future. Customise each page and keep a record of everything you could ever want to put in it.

Here are some ideas:

Sketchbook | Journal | Idea catcher | Goals | Dreams | Diary | Holidays | Gratitude | To Do Lists | Grocery Lists | Meal Planning | Story Writing | Travel Plans | Weight Loss Tracker and many more….

Features of I Love My Journals

This handy-sized dotted bullet journal will help guide your journaling but is light enough to disappear into the page once you start writing.

Dimensions: A5 | 108 Pages | 5mm Dot Grid | Protected cover | 90 g / m² Paper


How to use your Bullet Journal

This is the genius of the Bullet Journal. In order for Indexing to work, you need to number your pages, this way your entries can be added to the Index. The Index (table of contents) is how you organise your entries in your Bullet Journal.

In addition to the front index, you can develop a colour coding system on the last page of the notebook. At a glance, you can easily flip to pages related to key areas of your life: Blog, Travel, Projects, Finances, Food, Health & Goals. Add lists and collections such as “books to read” or notes on a project you are working on. Be creative as you like with doodles and hand-lettered quotes to make the page really stand out.

Using Keys helps you create an Easy Journal system

Create keys {Bullet points } that are significant to you. They can be simple and easy to remember ie: symbols, doodle or anything you like…

Each page is a blank canvas, have fun!



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