Right, so you have your bullet journal, your pens, and all the other goodies you’re just dying to use. You have created your index and you’re ready to make this journal your own….but what do you do now? Most bullet journal newbies start off with the bullet journal key.

Keeping an organised to-do-list along with your appointments, events and other goings on in your life can be daunting. Once you start writing everything down, your pages can become very jumbled and disorganised. That’s why creating a Bullet Journal key is imperative! Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal keeps his keep very simple, but for many of us with families, multiple commitments and projects to keep organised, we need something with a little more detail.

 Source: Pinterest

A bujo key is a small list, ideally on the first blank page in your journal, after your index that categorises what you write in your journal. You can use different symbols and icons to denote different things such as tasks, appointments, projects etc. Some people use colour, others use symbols, whilst others will combine the 2. What is important to remember is that you create a system that works for you!

Only add what is necessary to keep you on track, if you have a symbol for appointments, you don’t need to create another symbol then for doctors’ appointments. If however you have a hard time keeping track of different projects you are working on, then you may want to incorporate colour into your key rather than creating a symbol for each project.

A lot of people ask, “What is the best way to do a key?” There is no perfect way. What you will discover is that your style, your key, your pages in your bullet journal will all change over time, as they should. The bullet journal will change as your need for functionality changes.

I hope that when you browse our Pinterest board, Bullet Journal Key, you will find what you need in terms of the ideal key and that it brings you planning inspiration in your search for the perfect bullet journal key.

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