The Future Log is probably one of the best and simplest components in a bullet journal. It gives you an overview of the year ahead. Like a calendar! You can set it up over 2 pages or if you decide to split it (like Ryder Caroll does in the original Bullet Journal tutorial), or you can set it up over 4 pages. I can’t stress this enough….it is YOUR journal; you do what works for you! All you need is the name of the month and list the important dates. Done!

Source: Pinterest

The bullet journal future log is a place where you add all of your important monthly and yearly events in one place. It is basically a calendar spread for anything that is relevant to your long-term future planning.

“But I’m starting my journal now, in the middle of the year, how do I do a future log??” No problem, say you start your journal in June; your first future log will start from July of that year and go through to perhaps the end of the year or even until next year! That’s the beauty of the bullet journal, set it up in the manner that it is going to work for you.

Future logs will differ greatly from person to person, there is no right or wrong. There are however a few standard things that most people like to add in the future log such as:

  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • School holidays
  • Public Holidays
  • Travels
  • Deadlines

Basically, add any events happening in the future that don’t yet have a place in your monthly or weekly logs. We have added many ideas for this particular spread to our Bullet Journal Future Log board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Let us know in the comments if you have found your perfect layout and please do share it with us in our Facebook Group or on Instagram @ilovemyjournals and use the #ilovemyjournals if you forget to tag us! We cannot wait to see what you come up with so get journaling!!