The monthly log is very similar to the future log but now you can be more detailed about the short term tasks coming up soon. The Monthly Log (sometimes called the monthly spread or monthlies) gives you a big-picture view of the coming month. It is your calendar and to-do-list for the month ahead, where you can write down all the happenings, events, birthdays, goals, monthly tasks, etc. The basic set up for the monthly log is to use two facing pages.

Bullet journal founder, Ryder Carroll, uses a very simple technique to create a monthly log. Write the name of the month at the top of the page, then, in a column along the left hand side edge of the page, write the numbers for each day in the month so that this becomes your calendar. You can then write out your tasks in bullet point form on the facing page

The original bullet journal monthly log below was posted on the official Instagram account of the Bullet Journal, run by Ryder Carroll himself.

You can also have lots of fun with a monthly log. Maybe you want to theme your whole month to fit a holiday like Christmas or get into the seasonal spirit with beautifully themed logs for summer or spring? Trying to decide how you want to layout your whole month and what to include can be a daunting task, but like everything in the bullet journal, you can make it your own and add or remove things as they work for you.

Source: Pinterest

Our Pinterest board, Bullet Journal Monthly Spread has some gorgeous inspiration for a monthly log! You will not battle for ideas and once you have decided on and done your layout, kindly share it with us on Instagram @ilovemyjournals and be sure to #ilovemyjournals or if you prefer, share your ideas with the members of our Facebook Group

You may also want to check out our board with the Monthly Covers. “Now what in the world is a monthly cover?” you ask, well, it is typically a full page in your bullet journal dedicated to saying “Hello” to the new month. Some people use a monthly cover in their Bujo’s others not. Again, if it suits your style and personality go for it, if it doesn’t leave it out. There are no hard and fast rules here, as long as it works for you, that is what remains important!!