A daily log, commonly shortened to and called ‘dailies’ are where all the work real gets done in a bullet journal. It is the workhorse of the bullet journal and like a to-do-list…supersized!

The daily is where you will “log” your to-do-list for the day; this is why the Bullet Journal creator, Ryder Carroll, calls is logging. You’ll write down things you need to get done today, appointments you need to attend, notes you need to make, items you need to remember. Simply put, your to-do-list using your key to denote specific things. You can add other information for example, how much water you drank, what food you ate, how far you ran etc. it is totally customisable for YOUR needs!

Vertical daily layout –source: Pinterest

One of the biggest benefits of the bullet journal is that unlike pre-printed diaries, your daily pages are not capped to a certain size. If you have a crazy, hectic day, you are not going to run out of room because you have the ENTIRE blank page to play with and you get to lay it out according to how it works for you. If you run out of space, the beauty is that you can spill over to the next page and traditional page-a-day diaries do not allow that luxury. You may get a few lines but if you run out of space, you’re out of luck and need to squash things onto the page.

Most bujo newbies start off with horizontally laid out dailies, but they can be set up vertically too. My suggestion is to browse our Bullet Journal Daily Layout board on Pinterest and see which style suits you and could work for you…. if you try it and it doesn’t work no problem! Change it!! That is the magnificence of the Bullet Journal, it can change and adapt to your needs at any time you choose! You are not stuck with a planner or diary whose layout is not functional for you!

Now it’s time for you to grab your journal, pick up a pen, and dive in. What are you waiting for? Let me know in the comments which layout you prefer and which you are going to try. We’d love to hear from you! Join our Group on Facebook too and share your experiences or tag us in your posts on Instagram @ilovemyjournals. We would love to see your ideas!